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CEO Message

Welcome to MG Bio Serve website where we produce eco-friendly business.

The importance of the global healthcare industry is highlighted rapidly due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
The human race believes that it will overcome these difficulties through strong will and challenges to overcome this COVID-19 pandemic.

Throughout history, toxin generated by harmful microorganism not only damages the environment, but also poses serious threats to humans.

With this in mind, our company not only produces eco-friendly substances in South Korea, but also exports abroad and co-operate with agricultural industry; we have been able to derive successful results. Based on the accomplishments we have completed, we are expanding our company by having partnerships in China, Southeast Asia, and South America.

For healthy environment, our company produces disinfectant, deodorizers, antiseptics to remove viruses, germs, or mold in the world. We are trying to create clean and healthy environment by removing harmful germs generated by wastewater treatment, recycling animal waste, and reducing environmental pollutants.

Moreover, we are working on improving land in an eco-friendly way with our special minerals and microorganisms, producing eco-friendly fertilizer and fodder, and researching on safe food supply.

MG Bio Serve will continue to research and develop further with the goal of “creating healthy life and safe food” for human race and will continue to promote new future growth by strengthening internal profitability and responding to external environmental changes for the future.

Thank you.

CEO    Woo Min Kyu